Business as usual – our continued response to #covid19 is to keep our grant and sponsorship applications OPEN for nonprofits in Northeast Ohio.

Stacey Langal Update 4-17-20

Hey, everyone. Today is Friday, April 17th. Yesterday, we learned there will be a gradual reopening of the economy soon. There’s still a lot of questions and uncertainty right now, but at Kaulig Giving it’s business as usual. That means we’re moving forward with our usual work and projects, and most importantly, our application process is in place. So, rather than respond to requests that pop up here and there, we are accepting applications. We’re reviewing and discussing them, and moving forward with support in the community. Business as usual right now feels good. And I hope you’re able to find a little bit of that possible and true as well. Take care. Have a great weekend. We’ll see you soon.