Two Easy Ways to Help the Ben Curtis Family Foundation Combat Food Insecurity!

From our partners at the Ben Curtis Family Foundation:

When Ohio Governor Mike DeWine ordered all K-12 schools to close due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis in March we knew we had to help. Since March 16th we have packed 8,500 Birdie Bags to send home weekly with the children in Barberton, Kent and Ravenna. We are working closely with the schools to get Birdie Bags in the hands (and stomachs) of the children that need them.

With the announcement of schools in Ohio being closed until May 1st, we will continue to pack weekly Birdie Bags for Barberton, Kent and Ravenna. Food insecurity is a real issue in our community and even more so during this epidemic. So many families and children are depending on the food we are sending home. We are doing everything we can combat food insecurity and are grateful for everyone who has joined us.


We all can play a part in helping the children during this extended 7 week school shut down. Even though we have put social distancing measures in place – there’s a way for everyone to get involved in the fight against hunger and truly make a difference.

1. Donate – We currently pass out 2,900 Birdie Bags each week to the three school districts. This is an additional 14,600 bags that will be sent home through May 1st. Every little bit helps!


2. Tell people – We may be in the digital age but the most effective way to spread the word is through word of mouth! Using social distancing practices, please tell your friends and family (over the phone, facetime and via text messages) about the work we’re doing at BCFF.

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