Looking Ahead & Making an Impact

Since I last jotted down thoughts for this blog, the holidays have come and gone, and we are firmly into 2020. The Chiefs won the Super Bowl, the Groundhog did not see his shadow and Presidential politics are heating up. With this in mind, I’m looking forward to an early spring!

The start of the New Year at Kaulig Companies seemed to give us time and opportunity to look forward, plan and collaborate well. Kaulig Companies has been growing and changing since its inception in 2017. I was one of the first handful of employees in early 2018, and now there are around fifty of us. At this point, however, many of us have been a part of this dynamic organization for a couple of years, or at least months now, so we walked into 2020 with more experience and foresight.

In addition to managing the overall philanthropic landscape for Kaulig Companies, which includes corporate giving, community engagement, charitable partnerships and a private foundation, I’m tasked with developing our Kaulig Media Events team and establishing event management processes and best practices. This aspect of my Kaulig Companies work stems from my days successfully planning and executing non-profit fundraising events. Presently, there are two exceptionally creative, smart, hard-working women, Rachel Vitalone and Taylor Graham, moving Kaulig Media Events to new heights and beyond my careful approach to event management. I’m excited to see where their vision takes this endeavor.

In addition to providing insight into event management, my fundraising days serve me well in the field of philanthropy. My understanding of and appreciation for the committed, tireless, generally low-paying work of non-profit staff is beyond measure. Many of those in the non-profit field pour their hearts and souls into their work because of a cause greater than themselves and to help others. Conversely, I also have high expectations of nonprofits approaching Kaulig Companies for support. I want to know the work of a non-profit is well-coordinated, cost-effective and impactful.

Furthermore, more than fifteen years of non-profit work helped me create order, expectations, processes and branding for Kaulig Companies charitable giving efforts known as Kaulig Giving. Last year, our contributions increased and new partnerships emerged including ones with Fox 8 and Cleveland Indians Charities. These partnerships led to the advent of daily announcements and monthly segments of a person or organization doing good in Northeast Ohio on WJW as well as the launch of the Cleveland Indians first-ever Giveathon.

As I look ahead, it’s clear the entire Kaulig Giving team is interested in growing our charitable efforts and partnerships. Collectively, we are also interested in learning more about problems plaguing Northeast Ohio children and families and ways philanthropy can be a part of solutions. The word that resonates with us right now is “impact.” In 2020, we will be learning about, creating and perpetuating impact.