I’m Excited About This Friday

By Stacey Langal 

I’m excited and nervous! Tomorrow, I’m appearing on a local news show again and trying to give myself advice: “practice your talking points, but, be natural and don’t use too much hairspray this time!”

More important than the ramblings in my head is the work that I get to promote. It means a lot that I work at a place that empowers me to  provide support to our amazing community. So what am I going on television to promote?  Well, this living, breathing, and good-natured thing I helped develop during the past year or so, Kaulig Giving, is partnering with the Cleveland Indians for their first ever Giveathon on Friday August 2nd. Guys! The Cleveland Indians!! I was born in North Carolina, but bred in Northeast Ohio. I’m a total fan.

The Giveathon happening on air and in the stadium during the game when the Indians take on Mike Trout’s Angels. A few other MLB teams started this Giving tradition in recent years, but this is a first for the Indians. And we get to be part of it and help in a big way, by providing support to kids who are born, (and like me) bred in Northeast Ohio. This is really cool and I can’t wait to see what’s next for Kaulig Giving!