This Friday in Northeast Ohio the Sun is Shining…

This Friday in Northeast Ohio the Sun is Shining…

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Hi. I hope everyone is doing all right. So far in April, the Sun’s been shining a lot in Northeast Ohio. So that’s a good thing. In all reality, it’s Friday again, and it is the end of our third stay at home work week. The first couple of weeks, a lot of information coming in from nonprofits  was… cancellations and postponements. Now, after several weeks of all of this, as the virus continues to spread, as the economy continues to slow down. Very real and specific needs and requests are coming in from our nonprofit partners. One thing we’ve been able to do, rather quickly, and with the help of Aaron, who’s our Kaulig Giving Content manager & Kaulig Media, is turn that information around really quickly and push it out and share those updates and needs from all of the nonprofits. And that’s something we will continue to do. Otherwise, we continue along, plan, work looking ahead at those better warmer weeks that are to come...

So until another update, just do your best.

Hang in there and there will be another side to all of this.

Look forward to seeing you again soon!


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